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Below you will find rendered images of a number of static objects I have made. As you can see, the earlier models - at the bottom of the page - are faily low poly models, intended for use in-game, mostly Armada 2. The later models are intended for use in Destiny's Wind, the upcoming Star Trek* MMORPE.

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[ ST ] Air Tram (untextured):

The well known air tram from Star Trek, also for Destiny's Wind.

[ ST ] StarFleet Academy Cadet Ship (untextured):

I am working on this ship. It was only seen in one episode so it's requiring quite a bit of imagination. Hopefully someone else is willing to do a texture for me.

[ ST ] Model design for runabout-sized vessel (1100+ polies, untextured):

I have added quite a bit of detail to the ship, like the impulse engines at the rear. Also the hull at the bottom has been extruded to give the ship some more body.

[ ST ] Simple (dining) table (236 polies, untextured):

A simple design of a chair for use in Destiny's Wind.

[ ST ] Simple (dining) chair (340 polies, untextured):

A simple design of a chair for use in Destiny's Wind.

[ ST ] Captain's chair of the USS Enterprise-E (1027 polies, untextured):

[ ST ] Klingon knife (untextured):

[ ST ] Klingon Moth (940 polies):

I made this model for fun as I liked the general design of the Klingon Bird of Prey and wanted to extrap[olate from that what other small Klingon vessels might look like. This one is smaller than the Bird of Prey and has lighter weapons, but is very agile.

[ ST ] Franklyn class starship (844 polies, untextured):

This model, like the previous one, is a non-cannon ship made in the style of a cannon vessel. Its design is in the lineage of the Soyuz and Miranda classes.

[ ST ] Utopia Starbase:

I believe this is actually a cannon starbase, not a lot else can be said really.
* Please note that this game is not associated with or endorsed by either Paramount, Viacom or Activision. See their site, www.destinyswind.com for more details.
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